Degiro Review

DEGIRO is no less than the test winner of a comparison by online brokers in 2017 to win new customers. And indeed, this broker has a lot to offer. The traders can trade here at absolutely favourable conditions, which are up to 86 per cent below the prices of the competition. They get access to numerous worldwide trading places and can rely on a secure execution by a reputable and regulated provider.

Because seriousness and reliability cannot always be taken for granted in this industry, as some black sheep unfortunately show again and again. In our review of the provider DEGIRO, we would like to ask whether it is a serious provider, but above all the conditions for traders in the view.

Our experiences at_a_glance

That DEGIRO is the current test winner, could also be fully confirmed in our experiences in the context of the test. No matter whether the appearance of the supplier, the uncomplicated registration and use of the offer but of course also the huge selection of tradable instruments on numerous international markets convinced us absolutely. First of all, modern software that executes all orders directly and accurately ensures effective trading. And last but not least, of course, the conditions speak clearly for the broker DEGIRO. Regardless of which instruments are traded, traders can always count on extremely favourable conditions compared to the rest of the industry. A clearly understandable and absolutely transparent cost model is offered, which makes trading absolutely calculable. Hidden costs do not have to be feared.

In our DEGIRO test, we would now like to deal with the most important aspects that this broker has to offer. Starting with the possibilities in the trade itself, we will focus in particular on the aspect of security and regulation. The traders should be able to be sure to rely on an absolutely trustworthy provider, where neither fraud nor rip-off have to be feared. We have also looked at the quality of the support provided and assessed the ease of use of the website. We also wanted to know whether and how it is possible at DEGIRO to participate in mobile commerce.

DEGIRO at Check: Fraud or serious?

At the very beginning of our test, we would like to address what we consider to be the most important question in connection with an online broker: Is fraud and rip-off part of the business model or can traders rely on a fair and reputable provider? In the case of DEGIRO, we have only had good experience with this aspect. In our experience with DEGIRO, traders can rely on DEGIRO to execute their orders under the fair conditions announced in the price display and without hidden additional costs. This is also ensured by modern technology, which allows hardly any price shifts between order and execution. The broker can also be regarded as safe and reputable because the company is regulated both at its headquarters in the Netherlands and in Germany. Important standards can therefore be assumed, such as deposit protection and separate management of customer and company funds. All in all, with DEGIRO customers can rely on an absolutely reliable partner for trading.


In our experience, DEGIRO also differs significantly from many other suppliers with regard to the retail offer. Because while frequently only a small selection of products from the different categories is available for the trade, DEGIRO offers the entrance to a gigantic selection of commercial places. One account gives access to all products traded on these exchanges. In addition to shares from all over the world, futures, indices, options or bonds can also be traded. And of course leveraged trading via CFD is also available.

Many_trading_opportunities with_moderatem_lever

DEGIRO sees itself as a broker that enables its customers access to many stock exchanges around the world. In principle, the provider is therefore not only interesting for speculatively oriented traders, but also for strategically oriented investors. The offer actually includes all products and instruments that are traded on the participating stock exchanges. Leverages can also be used, whereby the very large levers are not available. A model is pursued in which an individual leverage is calculated for each trader and his special portfolio, which can be used in trading. A maximum leverage ratio of 1:5 can be used. In addition, however, commodities and currencies are not part of the tradable offering at DEGIRO.

trading instruments and products

Even if commodities and currencies cannot be traded, traders at DEGIRO have an extremely broad spectrum at their disposal. For example, all shares can be accessed from numerous stock exchanges in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. For futures, options and CFDs, the products are available on 12 stock exchanges in Europe and the USA. Bonds, on the other hand, can currently only be traded on European exchanges, although products from other parts of the world are of course also available here. As far as CFDs are concerned, our experience with DEGIRO has shown that there is also a good opportunity to make use of this offer. In addition to the German electronic trading system XETRA, there are also stock exchanges in Vienna, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London and Paris to choose from. DEGIRO can also trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

Numerous_order_types and_trading_formsin_the_Program

And DEGIRO’s customers also have a convenient range of trading options available to them. In addition to the classic trading of stock exchange products, where a number of important order types can be used, it is also possible to focus on falling prices with short sales. The spectrum also includes so-called ETFs, i.e. index funds, which have enjoyed increasing popularity recently. In principle, it is also always possible to subscribe to shares as part of IPOs. It is not yet possible to set up savings plans at present, nor is it possible to set up off-exchange trading.

No bonus on offer

Among the brokers who offer their services in Germany, there has always been fierce competition for new customers. The bonus in particular has become a popular instrument. In recent years, numerous providers have started offering special deposit bonuses to both new and existing customers. Sometimes it has even been promised that a bonus can be enjoyed without a deposit of one’s own. In individual cases, it was therefore possible to start real trading without making a deposit of one’s own capital. In light of this, however, such measures must above all be described as promotional campaigns in which the long-term benefit for traders is rather doubtful. A more detailed study of the conditions revealed that it was not possible, or only possible under certain circumstances, to pay out winnings achieved with bonus amounts. In our experience, the competition for the supposedly best bonus conditions should therefore be seen as critical.

However, in the course of our DEGIRO test, we also looked for opportunities where new customers could benefit from a bonus. However, we did not find what we were looking for. So if you register as a new customer, you have to pay in your own money in order to start trading. The provider also does not offer a deposit bonus, i.e. additional capital, which is granted depending on the amount of the initial deposit. For the reasons just mentioned, i.e. the tendency towards non-transparent bonus conditions with some providers, the waiver of a bonus, as with DEGIRO, does not have to be seen as a disadvantage. In any case, favourable conditions for trading, high security of deposits and fair transaction processing pay off much more than a short-term bonus in the long run.

Disposals and disbursements via two methods possible

Traders who first want to get an overview of the possibilities at DEGIRO without depositing their own money can use a demo account. The prerequisite for real trading with DEGIRO on the world’s stock exchanges, however, is the deposit of trading capital. There are exactly two ways to do this with this online broker. First, money can be transferred to the trading account via the service provider “Sofort Ɯberweisung”. When the account is opened, the minimum deposit for this method is 250 euros. Subsequently, however, any amount can be transferred to the trading account, whereby the maximum amount is 10,000 euros. The classical bank transfer can also be used as a second method. If an account is opened with DEGIRO, a fixed bank account must be specified for this, which is used as a reference account. Deposits can then be made as often as required from this reference account. A minimum deposit or a maximum amount is not required. While with a deposit by “immediate transfer” the money is available within 30 minutes on the trading account and can be used accordingly, with the transfer over the bank account with some days delay must be reckoned with.

Disbursements can be completed however exclusively by bank transfer. For this purpose, customers can log into a separate area of their online account and order the payout. Also here there are no limits to consider. However, it can only be paid out to the specified reference account. According to our experience with DEGIRO, it can take about two to three days until the money is available on the respective account. DEGIRO does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals.

In_security and regulation, all_standards are_kept_

With regard to security and regulation, according to the results of our test at DEGIRO, customers are dealing with an absolutely reliable and trustworthy partner. Founded in 2008, the online broker has always proven to be serious and has always treated its customers fairly. In our experience, no reports of irregularities in the processing of transactions or in the administration or disbursement of customer funds have become known so far. However, clients do not have to rely solely on the experience of other traders. The company is based in the Netherlands and is also regulated there by the responsible supervisory authority Autoriteit Financiƫle Markten (AFM).

For German customers, it is also important that the BaFin, which is responsible in Germany, keeps an eye on compliance with all regulations. This includes, above all, high standards of customer protection. In addition to the obligation to adhere to all conditions stated in the price list, the requirements also include comprehensive and honest information for customers about trading risks. Particularly important are also the requirements relating to the handling of customer funds. In order to protect them in the event of insolvency, a separate administration, i.e. separate from the company funds, is prescribed. In this context, traders can also rely on the fact that, in an emergency, a deposit guarantee of up to 100,000 euros is also available. Fraud or rip-off are absolutely impossible on this basis.

Support: Friendly, competent and effective

A fair and reliable online broker also needs support that deserves its name. In the case of DEGIRO, customers can always rely on reliable support in every situation. A telephone hotline is available from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 22.00 hours. Naturally, customers also receive information in German. Our experience with DEGIRO’s telephone customer service has shown that we can count on competent and always friendly staff. However, there can always be certain waiting times, especially during the main trading hours of the customers. For this reason it is recommended to also use the other support offers and not to always reach for the telephone. First of all there is a very well structured FAQ to choose from, where customers can inform themselves about numerous aspects of the trade. An email address can also be used to ask questions to the DEGIRO team that are not extremely urgent. As a rule, an answer can be expected within about 24 hours. Further offers, such as a callback service or an online chat are currently not available.

The successful construction of the page enables a high degree of user-friendliness

As part of our DEGIRO test, we have of course also dealt in detail with the website and the general user-friendliness of the offer. In this respect, too, customers can rely on absolutely convincing conditions. The website is completely available in German and so clearly structured that it is always possible to navigate directly to the content you are looking for. The same applies to the registration, which should be settled on the basis of a clear user guidance in approximately ten minutes.

Mobile App

To the requirements, which are actually placed meanwhile to each broker, mobile trade belongs. Traders today want to be able to keep an eye on the market and, if necessary, carry out transactions even beyond their own computer with Internet access. This is also possible with DEGIRO as a matter of course. A corresponding app for the smartphone can be downloaded from the website. Also some additional functions, like for instance market information or Kurscharts can be used so also on the way comfortably.

Fazit – DEGIRO convinces on the whole line

With DEGIRO we tested an on-line broker, which could convince with view of numerous categories completely and completely. In our experience, the DEGIRO concept is not only aimed at speculative traders, but also at investors. The selection of tradable products is correspondingly broad. A large number of products can be traded on a large number of stock exchanges in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. The following categories are available: equities, indices, futures, options and bonds. A large number of products can also be traded with leverage via CFD. On the other hand, commodities or currencies are not included in the range of tradable securities. Traders at DEGIRO can also expect excellent trading conditions. This ranges from effective support, to reliable and rapid deposit and payout conditions, to very good user-friendliness. And customers need not fear fraud or rip-offs either. Both our experience and regulation by various authorities ensure a high degree of reliability.